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Five years ago I was a regular guy working as a Store Manager for At&t. I wasn’t struggling financially but I also wasn’t swimming in money and I devoted most of my time to my job. I have two girls that were babies then and I only got to see them in the afternoons, sometimes I’d come home and they were already asleep. I didn’t have much time to exercise and I was eating fast food daily because I didn’t have the time and I was too tired to take care of myself. While I was making good money, I was also making many sacrifices that started affecting my mental health. I was tired of the same routine so I started to search for something different. That’s when I found Forex trading and I got obsessed!! I started taking course after course, online and in person, spent THOUSANDS of dollars trying to learn how to be profitable in the Forex markets. During that time I found that most of my mentors just took my money and didn’t communicate with me after and none of them gave a full break down of how to enter a trade, when to enter, what to look for. They all explained basic Technical Analysis and that was it. I was on my own to come up with an actual strategy and rules. That is what sets me apart from the rest, I have developed a set of rules and a trading strategy that I break down simply without all the extra nonsense that people typically add to their course as filler content. I can’t guarantee your success, but I can tell you that as long as you don’t give up on Forex and you are coach-able and willing to learn, I will be there to guide you. So whether you are brand new to Forex or someone who has some knowledge, if you are not yet catching pips consistently, this course is right for YOU!

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